What is Transfer Pricing in UAE Corporate Tax Law?


In the intricate realm of international business, Transfer Pricing takes center stage. It’s not just about pricing; it’s about fairness, compliance, and aligning with global standards. Let’s delve into the essence of Transfer Pricing in UAE Corporate Tax Law.

Understanding Transfer Pricing in UAE

Imagine a subsidiary company selling goods or services to its holding company. The price charged—the Transfer Price—is pivotal. It reflects the arm’s length value, simulating a transaction between independent entities. Multinational corporations employ Transfer Pricing to distribute profits across branches, but regulatory authorities frown upon tax manipulation.

Applicability of Transfer Pricing in UAE

To eliminate biases in international transactions, UAE Corporate Tax Law steps in. It governs dealings between Related Parties and Connected Persons. These Transfer Pricing Rules, harmonized with OECD standards, ensure a level playing field.

Embracing the Arm’s Length Principle

The cornerstone of UAE’s transfer pricing regime is the Arm’s Length Principle. Rooted in OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, this principle dictates that related party transactions must reflect market norms. Specific methods, internationally recognized, determine this fairness. Businesses can opt for alternative methods if warranted, under expert guidance.

A Path Forward

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Expert Guidance on Transfer Pricing and Compliance

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