Excise tax
Excise Tax
Liabilities in Dubai

Leading the market in Excise Tax Services in Dubai, our Expert
Excise Advisors help you optimize your tax liabilities.

Excise tax
Excise Tax
Liabilities in Dubai

Leading the market in Excise Tax Services in Dubai, our Expert Excise Advisors help you optimize your tax liabilities.

Optimize Your Excise Tax Liabilities in UAE

Excise tax is a form of indirect tax levied on specific goods which are typically harmful to human health or the environment.

In 2017 the UAE Government imposed the excise tax law to safeguard the health of its residents. What we consume on a daily basis is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle and in an effort to promote a healthier country and discourage consumption, the excise tax was levied on specific products that are regarded as harmful to our health.

Excise Tax is the most complex and challenging indirect tax in the United Arab Emirates and is carefully monitored by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).


excise tax registration in uae

What Goods Are Considered Excisable?

  • Tobacco and Tobacco Products:  All items listed within Schedule 24 of GCC Common Customs Tariff, including electrically heated cigarettes.
  • Electronic Smoking Devices, Liquids and Tools:  All electronic smoking tools and devices as well as all liquids used in such devices, whether or not containing nicotine or tobacco.  
  • Carbonated Beverages – Any aerated beverage.
  • Energy Beverages: Any beverage that may contain stimulant substances that provide mental and physical stimulation, which are marketed and sold as an energy drink. 
  • Sweetened Beverages: Any beverage to which a source of sugar or other sweetener is added, as determined under Standard 148 and Standard 995 of the GCC Standardization Organization.

Any powder, gel, concentrate, extract, or any other form that can be converted into a beverage is also considered as excisable good.

What Goods Are Considered Excisable?

Businesses who intend to: 

  • Import
  • Produce
  • Stockpiler  
  • Warehouse Keeper 

are required to register for an Excise TRN a minimum of 30 days before the start of their operation. 

If an importer does not regularly import or release excise goods from designated zone (i.e., no more than once in a 6-month period, or 3 times in a 24-month period) they may be eligible for registration. 

As leaders in Excise Tax Consultancy, our services are supported by our professional knowledge and first-hand experience to assist businesses to adhere to all FTA laws and regulations. 

Excise Tax Rates in the UAE

excise tax rates for various exciseable goods in uae

Excise Services

Our Excise Tax Experts are here to alleviate the burden of producing, importing, stockpiling and selling excisable goods.

Businesses who intend to import, produce, or stockpile excisable goods must register within thirty days before the start of their operation.

Businesses who stopped import, production, or stockpile of excisable goods must deregister within thirty days after the stop their business operation.

FTA authorized excise traders who are responsible for the receipt, storage and dispatch of excise goods of an FTA approved excise warehouse/ designated zone consisting of high security, CCTV guarded, with limited access of people that is closely monitored by the  FTA.

Clear guidelines and standards for properly registering new products to the local market. 

Calculate & establish the accurate retail pricing required to list items in Brandsync.


Newly introduced control scheme requiring tobacco manufacturers and stakeholders to comply with enhanced standards for the importation and trading of tobacco in the UAE by applying specific high security control markers (stamps) and codes.

As an Excise Tax registered entity, you will be responsible for the compliance of Excise filings and returns on a monthly basis as well as maintaining the financial books and additional Excise tax supporting documents.

Our Excise experts have a keen understanding of the laws and regulations. This ensures compliance and reduces your exposure to tax risks including levied fines and penalties.



As trusted Excise Advisors, our team of experts will discerningly review your case to ensure you meet the criteria for eligibility, compose your request for an Excise Tax Refund and submit your request to the FTA.

Our Excise Tax Compliance Check is a diligent review of your currently established Excise systems and compliance by our Excise Experts. 

A meticulous analysis of your company’s tax compliance, executed by our proficient Excise Tax Agents to expose at-risk areas and provide skillful advice to establish solutions in accordance with the local tax laws and regulations. 

A registered Tax Agent is a highly qualified professional that takes full responsibility of your company’s tax obligations with the FTA, acting as a liaison between your business and the FTA through each complicated step of your tax obligations.  

If your application for reconsideration of FTA fines or penalties has been rejected and you disagree with that conclusion, you have the right to legal representation by a Tax Agent and to appeal with TDRC.

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