Obtain Your Tax Residency Certificate in UAE


The Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE is a document provided to business owners and entrepreneurs to help prevent double taxation. This document is applied for by individuals who are paying taxes in another country, wherein they have an income due to a business. As the UAE is a part of several Double Tax Avoidance Agreements with other countries, having such a certificate helps them avoid being taxed in both countries. Business owners can, therefore, avail of tax benefits by obtaining the Tax Residency Certificate.

Eligibility Criteria for TRC in UAE
  • Natural persons: The applicant must have been a resident of the UAE for at least 180 days. Also an annual lease agreement officially documented by the competent authorities, such as EJARI in Dubai, municipalities in other Emirates and free zone authorities must be attached to the application.
  • Legal persons: In order to be eligible to apply for a TRC, the legal person must have been established for a period of at least one year. Financial accounts must be audited or prepared by an accredited audit firm and attached with other required documents to the application. The report must be certified and stamped by the audit firm. The audited financial report to be attached to the application must cover the year for which the certificate is requested. If the certificate is requested for the present year, the audit report must be covering the past year.

* Note: Offshore companies are not allowed to apply for the service because they are not listed in the Double Taxation Avoidance agreements. Unless otherwise specified, the validity of this document is one year.

Documents Required for Tax Residency Certificate in UAE

For Companies

  • Trade license
  • Partners’ attachment
  • Certified Establishment Contract
  • Passport copy of the owners, partners and directors
  • ID proof copy of the owners, partners and directors
  • Residence permit copy of the owners, partners and directors
  • Audited financial accounts
  • Authorised bank statements of the last six months
  • Verified lease agreement
  • Details regarding the company’s organizational structure

For Individuals:

  • Passport
  • Valid Residence Permit and ID Proof
  • Residential lease agreement/Rental Agreement or Registration Certificate
  • Authorised bank statements of the last six months
  • Salary Certificate
  • GDRFA issued Exit and Entry report
  • Tax forms of the country wherein the Domicile Certificate will be submitted


Things to Know About the Tax Residence Certificate
  • The entire process takes around 14 to 21 days.
  • Once completed, the Tax Residency Certificate is sent to you via your registered email-ID.
  • Once you receive the certificate, it will remain valid for a year from the date of issue.
  • While Onshore, Mainland and Free Zone Companies can apply for the Domicile Certificate, Offshore companies cannot, as they are not regarded as residents of the UAE.
  • However, Offshore companies do have the option of applying for a Tax Exemption Certificate, in place of the TRC.


Benefits of Obtaining the Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE
  • Avail of tax benefits associated with Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements.
  • Helps avoid having to pay higher taxes, enabling you to save on valuable resources.
  • In case you are a part of the CRS group of nations, the TRC helps with maintaining compliance.
  • Allows you to claim excess taxes paid.
  • Protects the national economy by ensuring fairness for both taxpayers and the government.
  • Builds credibility and transparency for the company involved.
  • Proves residency in the UAE, helping establish authenticity.

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